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Toys help in developing children’s senses and their inner growth.  Although we often interlink toys with entertainment which is true,  why would children be intrigued to play with something when it barely  interests them. This is because of the invisible age barrier which is  present on the toys itself. Different age brackets are influenced by  different toys and toys categorisation are as under. 

4 – 24 Months Old 



PRICE/pc : Starting at Rs 449/-
Features :

  •  Features realistic characteristics with the air-brushed color accents.
  •  Toy is a part of the miyoni line of plush animals, made with great attention.
  •  Warranty can’t be applicable for this product. ➢ No batteries or assembling required.


Price : Starting at Rs.559/-
Features :

  • Rich PP cotton fibre and made of skin friendly soft plush.
  •  Toy A part of ‘MAKE IN INDIA’
  •  Have a fixed dimension of 20x10x8 centimetres. ➢ Can help stimulate children’s vision,hearing and touch. 
  • Helps them to contact and recognize the outside world.


Price : Starting at Rs.690/-
Features :

  • Skill set of object of recognition,sensory development. ➢ Outer material built with plush only.
  •  Can be purchased in multi colors.
  •  Filling material is fibre skin friendly.


Price : Starting at Rs.4200/-
Features :

  • Designed with both visual and tactile softness.
  • The timelessness of the design and the quality of the construction makes the plush pieces a generational gift.
  •  Machine washable, lay flat to dry


Price : Starting at Rs.7600/-
Features :

  •  True to realism
  •  Animals that teach tagging
  •  Individually handcrafted
  •  Custom designed, heirloom quality fabrics and accessories
  •  Surface washable


Aside from providing a sense of comfort, soft toys also help babies  develop their social skills. Stuffed animals can help them immerse in  pretend to play. This can include mimicking what is familiar to them like  pretending to eat food, pretending to talk with mum or dad, pretending to  play with a sibling or other friends. 





Price : Starting at Rs.110/-
Features :

  • Non toxic baby rattle toy which improves motor ability of your baby.
  •  No batteries needed for the toy.
  •  Colourful and attractive toy
  •  Develops hand-eye coordination
  •  Lightweight toy and easy to grip.


Price : Starting at Rs.150/-
Features :

  •  Baby Club rattle toys features a range of colours, sounds, and teething materials to suit needs.
  •  Toy provides pre-literacy skill and necessary precursor to reading
  •  Colorful plastic musical rattle attracting attention and interests.
  •  Well-made, lightweight, and durable.
  •  Chiming instrument will be safely encased inside the toy.
  •  Assembling and batteries are not required
  •  Multi Colours available


Price : Starting at Rs.299/-
Features :

  • Ten music-notes, light-up face, colorful heads, assorted design will be accompanied with this toy. ➢ Zodiac dynamic rhythm sticks with colorful soft light for you kids.
  •  Cultivate creation so baby can explore and create music freely by shaking the stick to make music under music modes.


Price : Starting at Rs.330/-
Features :

  •  This toy made up of non-toxic material.
  •  Conform to the safety requirement.
  •  It helps baby practicing gripping of objects. ➢
  • Rattle toy helps to stimulate baby’s visual and audio senses.


Price : Starting at Rs.560/-
Features :

  • Age range is provided for babies only.
  •  Multicolor toy is nature.
  •  Light and easy to grasp rattles that stimulate manual coordination skills.
  •  Ergonomic shapes.
  •  Easy Grasp Bear, Elephant and Ring sets
  •  The first paint free toy
  •  Helps in developing the sensory development of babies.

Rattle toys are not just a source of entertainment for a baby or an infant to  play with. They can actually assist to teach babies many new skills. When  parents or caregivers hold a rattle up in their hand, babies might first look  at the rattle toy with their eyes rather than to the person himself. If a  parent starts moving the toy from one side to the other, babies easily learn  to visually track or coordinate their eyes together to watch the moving toy  held in front of them.




Price : Starting at Rs.160/-
Features :

  • 8 colorful cubes toys in different sizes
  • Develops hand eye coordination and observation skills
  • Cubes have alphabets on the base
  • Matching colors, shapes and sizes
  • Toy develops motor skills in babies


Price : Starting at Rs.625/-
Features :

  •  Shape sorter toy includes 9 bright colour and 1 sorter cubes.
  • Toy is made up of superior quality ABS Plastic materials with Smooth surface and curves, no burr and protect kid’s hands from scratching.
  • Bright colour and unique shape design attract kids to play with it.
  • Toy promotes baby’s ability of colour and shape recognition and problem-solving skills.
  • Cube toy improves hand-eye coordination and thus the motor skills of your child.


Price : Starting at Rs.1299/-
Features :

  • Toy and game constructed with the Bump & Go feature so that joy never stops even when your toy bumps into an object, toy turns and changes its direction.
  • Cube toy made with high-quality, non-toxic material ➢ Melodies have been introduced in the toy. ➢ Easy to assemble
  • Unique designs


Price : Starting at Rs.1299/-
Features :

  • 6 in 1 activity cube
  • With a shape matching, a multi-mode piano, gears and beads, an animal clock, rotating beads, and a mirror. 
  • All ESNIPE products backed by 1 year warranty. ➢ Smooth surface and round edge design without sharp edges.
  • Made from strong, durable and toxic-free materials.


Price : Starting at Rs.1449/-
Features :

  • Shape sorters, open door games, dial number games, gears and beads
  • Interlocking design
  • 6 detachable pieces can be assembled in different ways by interlocking them.
  • Toy free of BPA, phthalates, lead, formamide and latex to keep infants safe.

FunSkool is a brand which offers toys of both kids rattles as well as  stacking cubes with non-toxic material coatings. Stacking block toys is not  only beneficial because it develops hand-eye coordination or social skills,  but it is also beneficial because during block stacking, toddlers begin to  think like mathematicians. Specifically, they learn the most basic  concepts in geometry. 


3 – 8 YEARS OLD 




Price : Starting at Rs.380/-
Features :

  • A rotating wheel at the base of the toy
  • Features lights and music
  • Toy can change the direction if meets barrier ➢ Light is projected from 360 degrees
  • Helps toddlers to improve hand eye coordination, color recognition skill, mental growth


Price : Starting at Rs.499/-
Features :

  • Toy is multicolour in nature
  • Power source comes from battery powered ➢ Bright and Beautiful colors.
  • BPA free plastic Push and Go toy plays various sounds.
  • This toy develop children’s cognitive abilities.


Price : Starting at Rs.599/-
Features :

  • Toy games musical dancing with 3D flashlights effects
  • The toy dances on the songs by lifting its legs and hands in air
  • Brain development enhance the child curiosity for new things.


Price : Starting at Rs.599/-
Features :

  • Its toys are made of carefully selected environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and tasteless
  • Light effect is more visible at night
  • Ultra silence motor which spins the lens is noiseless and no grinding sound


Price : Starting at Rs.974/-
Features :

  • In solidarity with your young green warrior ➢ Glue hassle-free experience
  • Toy developed for focus, patience and mind and body engagement
  • Presence of gear machines, vibrations and musical notes

Electric toys can be helpful if used sparingly. These toys assists your  child to work out how to control their bodies and how to interact with  people. The toy helps them learn about the impact, their actions can have  on objects and people I their environment and about how to produce the  exact effect the child desires for himself or herself.





Price : Starting at Rs.1499/-
Features :

  • Toy consists of bike with no pedals, fully enclosed, avoid clamping baby’s feet
  • Limited 150 degrees turning and pyramid base design to avoid baby side falling down
  • Carbon steel frame structure makes the toy sturdy and durable
  • Handlebar and wheel is eco-friendly, EVA material ➢ Only takes 2 minutes to assemble the bike toy.


Price : Starting at Rs.1999/-
Features :

  • High-quality and lightweight toy bicycle
  • 4 wheeler ride-on bike provides a stale platform
  •  Features a conventional hand grip on the seat, allowing for easy push, pull or carrying toy for parents
  • The bike has no pedals, has to be pushed manually


Price : Starting at Rs.2399/-
Features :

  •  Suits kids who are learning to walk or even develop balance
  •  Developed modular design, take only 3 steps to assemble
  •  No tool required
  •  Sturdy carbon steel frame, supportive soft seat, fully & widen enclosed wheels
  •  135 degrees steering wheel to avoid baby falling


Price : Starting at Rs.6400/-
Features :

  •  Ride along 3 wheel leaning bike toy
  •  Can move up to 3 wheels scooter
  •  Easy to switch between both modes, no tools required ➢ Kids will develop coordination, balance and steering skills
  •  Toy has safety carbon steel frame, durable widen silent wheels
  •  Strong enough for riding indoors or outdoors.


Price : Starting at Rs.9930/-
Features :

  •  Scooter ski sled is easy to install
  •  Interchangeable with a couple of screws, without complex installation process
  •  Ski sled adopts fine quality PE material
  •  It can work under -20 Celsius
  •  Toy scooter owns fine low temperature resistance

Cycling boosts confidence in children. It enhances their self-confidence  because they now begin to move out independently. They become aware  of their body and the surroundings and feel more responsible. It helps  them know the world around them and prepares them to get accustomed  to their environment. Cycling will help your child develop their leg  muscles and strengthen their bones. The continued exercise will help  build their stamina and improve their cardiovascular elopement. It will also increase their coordination and balance. 





Price : Starting at Rs.299/-
Features :

  •  Toy kit helps children learn about medical areas and psychological areas of a human body
  •  Has an assortment of 15 tools to play and create something new
  •  Spark your child’s imagination
  •  Designed in a realistic manner
  •  All the components of this toy kit are made of non-toxic material
  •  Childhood plays can be converted into real living by positive assistance of the toy kit provided


Price : Starting at Rs.349/-
Features :

  •  Skill set consists of social skills, memory building, creativity and imagination, curiosity building and general knowledge
  •  All accessories housed in one compact case making toy kit easy to carry around and ideal for picnics and holidays
  •  Develops motor skills, imagination, creativity,self expression and logic expression
  •  Kit set in assorted colours


Price : Starting at Rs.369/-
Features :

  •  Product groups : toys and games
  •  Product type : bath toys
  •  Developed from plastic material
  •  Toy set includes a tub, a tub seat, a doll, a pretend play soap, a milk bottle, a comb and a yellow duck


Price : Starting at Rs.499/-
Features :

  •  Set has vivid and active patterns
  •  All the fun, little toys are made of non-toxic material ➢ Set of 50 pieces
  •  Advanced simulation of toys, high quality, made of durable and high-quality plastic
  •  Reasonable in nature


Price : Starting at Rs.1999/-
Features :

  •  Toy is an ultimate pretend play set
  •  Boost hand to eye coordination
  •  Besides having endless fun, satisfaction and curiosity for the unknown, this toy set can enhance STEM learning skills
  •  Teaches new vocabulary, fine motor skills, spark their creativity
  •  This kit toy set is ideal for children ages 3 and up

Children learn about themselves and the world. Dramatic play  experiences are some of the first ways children learn about their likes and  dislikes, their interests, and their abilities. They experiment with role  playing and working to make sense out of what they’ve observed. Just watch  children playing with dolls to see examples of this. Dolls often become  versions of the child himself and are a safe way for children to express  new ideas and feelings.  Children work out confusing, scary, or new life issues. Have you ever  witnessed children pretending to visit the doctor? One child dutifully  holds the mock stethoscope as the others line up for a check-up. More  often than not someone gets ‘shots’. This is a child’s way of exploring an  experience that is common and sometimes confusing or scary. Through  these role plays, children become more comfortable and prepared for life  events in a safe way. Children often use pretend play to work out more  personal challenging life events too, whether it is coping with an illness in the family, the absence of a parent or divorce, or a house fire.


◼ 9 – 12 YEARS OLD 




Price : Starting at Rs.589/-
Features :

  •  In the box- tractor toy for kids, farm tractor toy with trolley
  •  Made of fully non-toxic materials, as per safety guidelines
  •  Toy promotes kid’s hand-eye coordination, sensory perception, develop their imaginations and practice cooperative play
  •  Colorful play vehicles will attract kid’s attention ➢ Toy is based on manually operated system or a friction toy


Price : Starting at Rs.549/-
Features :

  •  Mini Bike Model is made of zinc alloys and plastics, resistant materials will increase the life of toys and
    will not hurt your kids hands
  •  The hand-bar can turn left & right
  •  The wheels can rotate flexibility
  •  The pedal can drive the rear wheel through the belt 
  • The stand support can also adjust like a real bike


Price : Starting at Rs.879/-
Features :

  •  This toy is a play set of 4 construction vehicles ➢ Chunky design for easy gripping
  •  With perfect size for growing hands, these push friction powered toys are easy to grip
  •  Set is constructed of non-toxic plastic material which is up to safety standard EN71.
  •  Toy is multicolour in nature
  •  Battery is not required to run the toy


Price : Starting at Rs.890/-
Features :

  •  Friction powered dumper truck toy, trailer moveable function, music sync lights
  •  Battery operated toy
  •  Friction power toy truck and light and sound toy for kids
  •  Has extra grip, high quality tyre can crawl easily, light sound and melodious sound
  •  Higher quality of ABS plastic, non-toxic and safe


Price : Starting at Rs.999/-
Features :

  •  Toy looks really stylish and royal at the same time
  •  Made up of safe material and has no sharp edges
  •  The toy comes in 4 colors- red, black, blue and white. 
  •  Has light and sound features, this features differentiate it from the ordinary diecast cars in the market. The doors, hood & trunk are manually openable.

A die-cast toy is a toy or a collectible model produced by using the die  casting method of putting molten lead, zinc alloy or plastic in a mold to  produce a particular shape. Such toys are made of metal, with plastic,  rubber, glass, or other machined metal parts. Wholly plastic toys are  made by a similar process of injection molding, but the two methods are  distinct because of the properties of the material.





Price : Starting at Rs.449/-
Features :

  •  Product type : pull along toys with unisex color ➢ No battery power required
  •  Packaging contents : 1 pcs friction mini quadcopter drone car for kids
  •  Developed of plastic materials


Price : Starting at Rs.1659/-
Features :

  •  360 degrees roll-over : the new 3D rolling special effects surprise everyone
  •  6 channel stable remote-control quadcopter drone ➢ Toy has stronger stability, easily implement various flight movements, stronger wind resistance, easier to control
  •  Charging time : 40mnt quadcopter battery with 3.7V 300Mah
  •  Drone have no camera, its flying heights 20 meters


Price : Starting at Rs.2189/-
Features :

  •  This upgraded drone uses 2.45G gravity sensing control system, and the one-hand control of the drone can be easily realized by the watch type remote control
  •  Toy has Infrared Obstacle Avoidance mode
  •  Can avoid obstacles to protect the fuselage, which makes the drone very suitable for beginners


Price : Starting at Rs.3999/-
Features :

  •  Basic features : Wi-fi camera, headless mode, hovering function, one key take OFF/Landing
  •  360 degrees rolling, LED lights, video record, FPV real time
  •  Camera-2MP 360P camera
  •  Flying time-10 to 12 minutes with flying height of 40 meters
  •  Other functions : 2.4GHz Radio, winder control range, anti-interference of wind and 2 speed/rudder modes with one key return function


Price : Starting at Rs.5090/-
Features :

  •  Rechargeable Batteries already included in the drone toy
  •  Batteries of 1 Lithium ion batteries required and are included

What do drones teach kids about STEM? 


Drones require specific aerodynamics to fly. The way the propellers spin  changes the way a drone turns or moves across a 3-dimensional space.  Maneuvering a drone requires practice and teaches an understanding of  aerodynamics. 

Cognitive Development and Critical Thinking 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re flying a drone indoors or outdoors.  Reacting to changes in flight patterns or environment allows your child to  improve cognitive reasoning skills. They will gain a better  understanding of cause and effect. And they will be better equipped to  make quick decisions under stress.

Introduction To Coding and Electronics 

Once your kid has gotten good at flying the drone with a remote control  they can begin tackling the more advanced forms of drone flying. They  can learn to code and program drones to fly specific patterns and become  familiar with the internal electronics that make the device work. 





Price : Starting at Rs.249/-
Features :

  •  Toykraft seashell kit contains an assortment of natural shells in different shapes, sizes,colour and texture
  •  The kit also contains 6 mount board cutouts in different shapes, rubber sized magnets, coloured sand, craft glue and an instruction manual
  •  Using the craft glue provided in the kit the shells can be stuck to the shell-shaped mount boards cut outs to make mini fridge magnets
  •  Children get exposed to practical skills such as dexterity, material assembly and much more


Price : Starting at Rs.360/-
Features :

  •  The kit comes with 4 cards, 3 activities and 1 instruction manual designed
  •  Games lets children learn about solar power generation and application
  •  Consists of solar light, solar alarm, 3D room model with solar light
  •  3D colorful room model can be created from printed paper template by following simple instruction manual


Price : Starting at Rs.369/-
Features :

  •  Colourful building blocks set will help to improve your kid’s finger strength, fine motor skills
  •  Does not require any extra tool
  •  The toy game is light weighted, attractive, colorful, vibrant, soft and easy to carry
  •  Assembling of pieces required


Price : Starting at Rs.899/-
Features :

  •  Accurate matching letter game
  •  Designed by senior educationist
  •  Enhancing vocabulary toys provide letters identifying, vocabulary building and reading functions
  •  Weights only 300g which is very easy to carry ➢


Price : Starting at Rs.1999/-
Features :

  •  This game brings dinos alive with orboot world of dinosaurs
  •  First ever AR globe with prehistoric lands ➢ Dig 400 incredible facts about 50 realistic looking dinosaurs, all in 3D and their own voices
  •  Device compatibility : iPad 5th gen & above, iPad Air all models, iPad pro all models, iPad mini 2 & above or any Android device with 3GB RAM and above
  •  Toy game helps build scientific thinking, perseverance and attention to detail

Education and developmental toys are known to boost your child’s IQ  level by better memory retention, coordination and increased literacy.  Kids learning toys and games aid in challenging their minds. For instance,  when the child stacks the blocks but misses to balance them, he sees them  all falling into pieces. Educational toys can help develop problem solving  skills, teach about conflict resolution and how cause and effect work. It also teaches children about sharing, helps develop their fine and gross  motor skills and nurtures their creativity and imagination.

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