Best Toasters in India

A toaster is an electric small applaince designed to expose various types of sliced bread to radiant heat, browning the bread so it becomes toast. In pop-up or automatic toasters, a single vertical piece of bread is dropped into a slot on the top of the toaster. A lever on the side of the toaster is pressed down, lowering the bread into the toaster and activating the heating elements. The length of the toasting cycle (and therefore the degree of toasting) is adjustable via a lever, knob, or series of pushbuttons, and when an internal device determines that the toasting cycle is complete, the toaster turns off and the toast pops up out of the slots.

 Toasters Up to Rs.1000

1. HOMEST® 750W HOUSEHOLD USE 2 Slice Pop Up Toaster (BLACK)

Make crispy delicious toast with the HOMEST 2-Slice Toaster. The sleek small unit provides reliable results, toasting one or two slices of bread at a time. This toaster is a useful addition to any kitchen counter with its sleek black appearance for attractive everyday style. This toaster has 7 heating modes and a high lift function to allow you to make perfectly brown toast. The compact design of the toaster makes it perfect for everyday use. This toaster also comes with the removable crumb tray to remove the remaining particles conveniently.

Features & details

  • Brand : HOMEST
  • Colour : BLACK
  • Material : Plastic
  • Product Dimensions : 30 x 20 x 15 cm; 1 Kilograms
  • Wattage : 750 Watt Hours
  • Voltage : 220 Volts (AC)
  • Number of settings : 7
  • Number of Programmes :3
  • Is Dishwasher Safe: No
  • 7 heating Modes: You can get the desired color of your toast without burning them as the toaster comes with 5 heating modes. You can adjust the heat according to your preference.
  • Removable Crumb Tray : HOMEST Pop-Up Toaster comes has a removable crumb tray so that you can easily clean the breadcrumbs from the toaster.
  • Defrost Function : The toaster has a defrost function which helps in thawing the frozen bread slices and automatically starts the toasting process by just pressing one button.
  • Reheat Function : With its reheat function, cold toast can be reheated by placing it in the bread slot without burning or changing the colour of the toast.
  • Stop Function : For the convenience of the users, the toaster comes with a stop function that allows you to stop the toasting process at any time by pressing the button. The slices of the bread will automatically get ejected from the toaster.

2. Baltra Crispy 2 Slice Auto Pop Up Toaster (White) 750 Watt

This toaster is equipped with 6 levels of browning control to help you get perfectly browned toasts according to your preferences.While you’re busy with yourself getting ready for work, the toasts will take care of themselves.Get this pop-up toaster and transform those plain slices of bread into delicious toast, and put an end to your daily struggle of what to eat for breakfast.Whether you want fully browned toast to eat with your morning cup of joe, medium browned toasts to make mouth-watering sandwiches or mildly browned toasts to eat with Nutella, you can brown the bread slices as per your taste requirements, thanks to its 6-level browning control feature of this toaster.

Features & details

  • Colour: White
  • Material : Plastic
  • Product :  Dimensions 27 x 12.7 x 16 cm; 905 Grams
  • Wattage : 700 Watts
  • Voltage : 220 Volts
  • Number of settings : 6
  • Number of Programmes : 6
  • Is Dishwasher Safe : No
  • 2 slice popup toaster
  • 6 variable browning settings
  • Auto pop-up and auto shut off,2 year warranty
  • Mid- Cycle cancel function, cool touch body & Crump Tray
  • Any query call customer care no-07827911075

3. Lifelong LLSM115G 750-Watt 4-Slice Grill Sandwich Maker (Black)

The Lifelong Toaster Grill Sandwich Maker is the easiest way to enjoy a delicious healthy breakfast. The Teflon coated non-stick plates in this toaster lets you prepare food with minimal oil, since oil-free food does not stick to the plates. The sandwich maker cum toaster allows you to make 2 grilled sandwiches in one go without any problem.This toaster also consumes less power than most of your other kitchen appliances, and the hinged lock allows easy cooking without any cleaning issues.

Features & details

  • Colour : Black
  • Material : Plastic
  • Brand : Lifelong
  • Style : Classic
  • Product Dimensions : 23.5 x 9.5 x 22 cm; 1 Kilograms
  • Wattage : 750 Watts
  • Voltage : 240 Volts
  • Material Type :  FreePFOA Free
  • Non-stick plates provide a healthy low fat sandwich
  • Safety: Cool touch outer body and heat resistant housing; Weight : 400 Gram
  • Elegant black finish body; Non-stick plates provide a healthy low fat sandwich
  • Grill Sandwich: Hinged lock for well grilled sandwiches
  • Power: 750 watts; Operating Voltage: 220 – 240 volts
  • Includes: Sandwich maker and User manual

4. Concord 2 Slice Pop Up Toaster 750W (with 7 Level Browning Control, Reheat, Defrost Function and Long Cord 1.5 Metre)

Concord Pop Up Toaster accompanies a cool touch body technology.This toaster effortlessly keeps the body cool while in a task and spares your hands and fingers from incidental burnings on the off chance that your children are taking care of it. The toaster accompanies a removable morsel plate to keep it clean alongside a line storage space to keep the cord set up as while toasting the bread piece, few roasted bread scraps tumble down.This toaster is equipped for toasting two cuts of bread in the meantime. This spares you the problem of toasting single cuts of bread over and over and spares you a lot of time. Concord Pop Up toaster devours a most extreme of 750-watts of energy to work productively. It gives instant warmth to stimulate the procedure and aides in sparring power.

Features & details

  • Brand : Concord
  • Colour : White
  • Material : ABS
  • Product Dimensions : 26 x 14 x 17 cm; 900 Grams
  • Wattage : 750 Watts
  • Voltage : 240 Volts (AC)
  • 2 Slice Cool Touch Toaster
  • Automatic pop up, Long Cord 1.5 Metre
  • Variable 7 level browning control
  • Slide out crumb tray , Stop function
  • Defrost, Cancel and Reheat function

5. Sheffield Classic SH-6011 Popup Toaster Black

Sheffield Classic SH-6011 Popup Toaster is a 2 Slice Toaster which lets you toast 2 slices of bread at once and saves your valuable morning time. This toaster is an automatically Pop-up toaster that spares your hands and fingers from incidental burnings on the off chance that your children are taking care of it. This toaster also comes with Variable Time Knob.

Features & details

  • Color : Black
  • Material : Hard-Anodized Aluminum
  • Package Dimensions : 18 x 12 x 5 cm; 400 Grams
  • Wattage : 750 Watts
  • 2 Slice Toaster, Variable Time Knob
  • Stop Function, AC 220-240V 50Hz-750W
  • Automatically Pop Up
  • 7 Level Browning Control
  • Hinged Crumb Tray

Best Toasters from Rs.1000 to 2000


1. Philips Daily Collection HD2582/00 830-Watt 2-Slice Pop-up Toaster (White)

This compact toaster comes with 8 settings and 2 large variable slots, so you can have even toasting results regardless of different bread types. The integrated bun rack in this toaster also allows you to warm your favorite buns, pastries and rolls easily. 

Features & details

  • Colour : White
  • Material : Plastic
  • Product Dimensions : 15.6 x 27.5 x 18.8 cm; 1.18 Kilograms
  • Wattage : 830 Watts
  • Voltage : 750 Volts
  • Number of settings : 5
  • Number of Programmes : 4
  • Is Dishwasher Safe : No
  • League : E-Sports
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • High lift to safely take out smaller pieces
  • Cancel button to stop toasting at any time
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz, Wattage: 830 W, Integrated cord storage,operating Voltage: 220 – 240 volts
  • Extra auto shut-off protection,reheat, defrost in one go+^+Includes: Pop-up toaster and Dust cover+^+8 browning settings for individual preferences^+Integrated bun rack for heating rolls, pastries or buns,2 large variable slots for different size of bread

2. Bajaj ATX 4 750-Watt Pop-up Toaster 

If you need to prepare a fast and delicious sandwich in the kitchen, the Bajaj ATX4 Sandwich Pop up Toaster is just what you need. This amazing sandwich maker is a 2 slice maker allowing you to prepare home-made sandwiches fast and easy. It allows you to quickly prepare your sandwiches while the non-stick plates ensure no residues as well as easy maintenance. This kitchen buddy has a locking clip and cool touch body for added operational convenience. The reheat function comes in very handy to quickly heat already prepared sandwiches.

Features & details

  • Brand : Bajaj
  • Colour : White
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Product Dimensions : 29 x 18.5 x 16.5 cm; 1.6 Kilograms
  • Wattage : 750 Watts
  • Voltage : 230 Volts
  • Number of settings : 5
  • Is Dishwasher Safe : No
  • 2 slice pop-up toaster
  • Variable browning settings
  • Adjustable browning settings. Frequency : 50Hz
  • With mid cycle cancel feature. Extra wide slot : Yes. Body housing : Metal
  • The appliance comes with a removable crumb tray to keep it clean along with a cord storage space to keep the cord in place
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Power: 750 watts; Operating voltage: 230 volts
  • Includes: Toaster, User manual, Guarantee card and List of

3. Havells Crisp Plus 750-Watt Pop-up Toaster (Black)

Havells brings to you this toaster which can help you to make bread toasts in an effortless and efficient way. This toaster features two slots that will allow you to put two slices simultaneously. The high lift lever further adds to its convenience.This toaster from Havells features two slots that can be utilised for making two bread toasts simultaneously. This toaster from Havells also comes with a high lift lever that can help you fetch the toasts after they are done.

Features & details

  • Brand : Havells
  • Colour : Black
  • Material : Plastic
  • Product Dimensions : 17 x 19.4 x 31.4 cm; 1.16 Kilograms
  • Wattage : 750 Watts
  • Reheat function will rewarm the slices of bread without going through the whole toasting cycle again
  • Hygienic stainless steel cage housing to protect against rusting
  • With the power of 750 watt, 7 heat settings and electronic variable browning, this toaster is stunningly fast in toasting your bread slices evenly
  • This toaster comes with 2 year warranty and home service with in 24 hours
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Power: 750 watts
  • Includes: Toaster and Crumb Tray

4. KENT 16031 700W 2-Slice Pop-Up Toaster, White

Kent’s Pop-Up Toaster works like a pro for a quick and healthy breakfast. The toaster is easy-to-use, you just need to pre-heat it for 2-3 minutes, add your bread, and set the mode – it is that easy. With 5 browning levels and 3 heating modes, you can make perfect bread every time. Also, the toaster ensures trouble-free cleaning, simply take out its removable crumb tray and clean it.

Features & details

  • Brand : KENT
  • Colour : White
  • MaterialABS. : Plastic Body
  • Product Dimensions : 27.5 x 17.8 x 17 cm; 9 Kilograms
  • Wattage : 700 Watts
  • 5 browning levels to have a toast of your choice, every day. Automatic shut-off : Yes
  • Reheat function warms the toast without burning it
  • Defrost function is perfect for those refrigerated bread slices
  • Cancel function lets you stop bread toasting in between the process
  • The wide slots of the toaster are big enough to put any size of bread
  • The removable crumb tray makes the cleaning process very easy
  • Power: 850 Watts; Input Power Supply: Single Phase 220V AC, 50-60 Hz; Net Weight: 0.9 kg
  • Includes: Pop-Up Toaster with Power Cord and User Guide

5. Cello Quick 2Slice Pop Up 300 Toaster (Red)

You can make crispy delicious toast with Cello’s 2 slice toaster. The sleek small unit in this toaster provides reliable results, toasting one or two slices of bread at a time. A useful addition to any kitchen counter, the two-slice toaster features a stunning red appearance for attractive everyday style. This toaster has an adjustable knob that lets you control the level of brownness of the toasted bread. Choose lower settings for lighter toast or higher settings for darker, crispier toast.

Features & details

  • Brand : Cello
  • Colour : Red
  • Material : Plastic
  • Product Dimensions : 30 x 15.6 x 19 cm; 810 Grams
  • Wattage : 700 Watts
  • Upper cover aluminium plated
  • High Lift function for removing small pieces of bread
  • Stainless steel bread tray
  • Non slip feet
  • Crumb Tray
  • Carriage Handle and Cord storage facility
  • Power: 700 watts
  • Includes: Pop-up toaster,User Manual and Warranty card.
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Contact_us on: [ 1800 102 5778 ]

Best Toasters Above Rs.2000


1. Russell Hobbs 18780 720/850 Watt Premium Stainless Steel 2 Slice Automatic Pop-up Toaster with 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty 

Start your day with Russell Hobbs 18780 – 720/850 Watt 2 Slice Stainless Steel Premium Automatic Pop-up Toaster and enjoy crispy toasts anytime. Russell Hobbs 18780 two slice premium stainless steel automatic Pop-up toaster comes with 7 heat settings, enabling you to toast all types of breads with different thickness to desired browning. This 2 slice Pop-up toaster’s bread centering facility makes it unique, providing even browning to the toast. The Russell Hobbs 18780 2 slice pop-up toaster’s premium brushed stainless steel body offers premium flaunting and elegant design which fits well with your alluring kitchen and popup toaster’s cool touch body makes it safe to operate.

Features & details

  • Brand : Russell Hobbs
  • Colour : Silver
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Product Dimensions :33.5 x 21 x 22 cm; 1.52 Kilograms
  • Wattage : 850.00
  • 2 Slice Premium Stainless Steel Automatic Pop-up Toaster
  • 7 Stage variable heat settings offers perfect browning to different size of breads
  • Pop-up toaster carries extra wide slot fit for all kind of breads with different thickness
  • Pop-up toaster comes with bread centering facility offers even browning to the toasts
  • Reheat, Cancel and Defrost Function
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Bread carriage handle’s high rise facility makes it simple and easy to pick up the toasted bread
  • Elegant Brushed Stainless Steel design with cool touch body
  • Power Light Indicator
  • Warranty & Serviceability -2 Years Manufacturer warranty

2. V-Guard VT240 950W Pop-Up Toaster, Red

Wake up to savour light, crunchy and evenly crisp, deliciously buttered toast with your favourite sides of jam and peanut butter using V-Guard’s VT240 Premium Bread Toaster And Bun Warmer. This 950W power-house toaster features Auto Bread Centering technology, providing fast and uniform heating. Variable Browning Controls gives you the freedom to choose from 6 toaster settings: Extra-Light, Light, Golden-Brown, Just-Right, Crisp and Well-Done toast. With the VT240 Premium Bread Toaster and Bun Warmer from V-Guard, morning breakfast is made quick and easy using the Bun Warmer for your pav, bagel, doughnut or croissant. 

Features & details

  • Brand : V-Guard
  • Colour :Red
  • Material :PP
  • Product Dimensions :30.6 x 15.2 x 19.5 cm; 1.2 Kilograms
  • Wattage :950 Watts
  • Is Dishwasher Safe :No
  • BUN WARMING RACKS – To warm variety of buns, pavs, croissants, doughnuts etc.
  • EXTRA WIDE 3.5cm BREAD SLOT – No longer cramming them in or cutting off the crusts.
  • 6 LEVEL BROWNING CONTROL – Warm the bread to your liking.
  • REMOVABLE CRUMB COLLECTION TRAY – Makes it easy to remove left over crumbs ensuring the appliance is neat and tidy.
  • DEFROST, REHEAT AND CANCEL BUTTON WITH LED ILLUMINATION – Defrost refrigerated bread in a go with Defrost button, Reheat a toasted piece of bread with Reheat button and cancel a toasting operation anytime using cancel button.

3. Havells Feasto 1350W 4 Slice Pop-up Toaster (Black)

Give your kitchen appliance collection a fine boost by adding this pop-up toaster from Havells. You can put four slices of bread in this toaster to indulge in a complete breakfast or evening snacks. This toaster has a cage made of stainless steel that renders it sturdy. This toaster also comes with seven heat settings that let you make the toasts according to your preference.

Features & details

  • Brand : Havells
  • Colour :Black
  • Material :Others
  • Package Dimensions :45.5 x 24.1 x 23.1 cm; 2.36 Kilograms
  • Wattage :1350 Watts
  • Benefit of 4 slice toaster The four slice toaster is more convenient and efficient to use. These toasters are perfect for families or people who want more than 2 slices of toast at a given time thus being a huge time saver
  • Stainless steel cage housing Feasto 4 slice toaster comes with stainless steel cage housing for extra durability
  • Functions Illuminated defrost, cancel and reheat button
  • Temperature settings-7 heat setting with electronic variable browning
  • Heat resistant body for comfort touch

4. AGARO GRAND 4 Slice Pop-up Toaster 1400-1600W, steel & red, large (33504)

The extra-wide 1.5 inch slots which this toaster has can accommodate a variety of bread types, such as white bread, sandwich bread etc. This toaster is also equipped with an automatic pop up function which elevates the bread when the bread is done. This efficient 4 slice toaster even lets you make both at the same time! The crumb tray of this toaster lets you remove crumbs before they burn or mess up your kitchen. Also, the cord wrap storage is right for your counter space. The brushed stainless steel body gives an elegant look of the toaster as well. The toaster is lightweight and durable.

Features & details

  • Brand : AGARO
  • Colour :Steel & Red
  • Material :Stainless Steel
  • Product Dimensions : 27 x 27.5 x 18.8 cm; 2.27 Kilograms
  • Pop-up Toaster, 2300 Watt Power, 4 Slice Toaster with 7 Browning Control
  • Removable Crumb Tray for easy and fast cleaning, SS Housing, Exquisitely Designed Real Bamboo
  • Defrost, Reheat and Cancel Function, 4 large slots for different sizes of bread
  • Automatic Pop-up function and High Lift for safely removing slices, Bread Centering function
  • Warranty: 1 Year warranty on product

5. Haden Boston Black Pyramid Toaster | Two-Slice Toaster | Removable Crumb Tray | Browning, Defrost, Reheat & Frozen Bread Function

The self-centering functionality of this toaster allows you to make your toast just how you like it. Pull down the lever, and the toaster will automatically center your bread to ensure evenly toasted bread. The Boston Toaster is designed for a small family or couple.The energy-efficient 685-815W stainless steel- toaster comes with a cord retainer to adjust cord length and store neatly on your countertop.One of the many advantages of the Boston Pyramid Toaster is an easily removable crumb tray for a convenient and no-mess toasting. 

Features & details

  • Brand : HADEN
  • Colour : Black
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Product Dimensions : 26 x 17 x 16 cm; 2.11 Kilograms
  • The Boston Black Pyramid Toaster is designed to make your life just that much easier. One of its many functions is an easily removable crumb tray for no mess and fuss-free toasting.
  • The sleek, retro design complemented by smart functionality. The variable browning control allows you to create the perfect piece of toast for your preference, or you can conveniently toast bread from frozen in a matter of minutes using the frozen bread function.
  • This iconic toaster brings a note of elegance and sophistication to any kitchen. Along with four browning modes, the pyramid toaster comes with cancel, defrost and reheat functionality with light indicators
  • This two slice toaster has a chrome base with a cord retainer to adjust cord length and store neatly on your countertop.
  • The stainless steel 2 slice toaster has variable controls and a self-centering function that is designed to toast to perfection. Complete your kitchen with this countertop beauty which is an inspired addition to any home.

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