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While cricket is by far the most popular sport in the country, it is not the country’s national sport. Cricket is an important part of the culture of India. Top players are regarded as national superstars and regularly appear in the media and in advertising. And when talking about cricket, how is it possible that we do not go on to talk about its equipment. 

A cricket bat is a specialised piece of equipment used by batsmen in the sport of cricket to hit the ball, typically consisting of a cane handle attached to a flat-fronted willow-wood blade. It may also be used by a batter who is making their ground to avoid a run out, if they hold the bat and touch the ground with it.Selecting the right cricket bat can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. So based on expertise and effectiveness, we’ve put together these helpful suggestions to dispel common myths, reveal important truths, and most importantly — give you confidence when choosing your cricket bat. 

To make it more simple for beginners and pro players, we have come up with the best brands, their prices in ascending order, their features and the ratings given by the consumers of the same Cricket Bat. Here we have Cricket bats for you.


Price : Starting at Rs.340/-

Features :

  • This bat is suitable for soft ball , tennis ball , wind ball. 
  • Delivers a minimum 25% more power than a wooden bat. 
  • Made with eco-friendly hard plastic. 
  • Package Contents: 1 Cricket bat 

Ratings : 4.5


Price : Starting at Rs.420/-

Features :

  •  In The Box: 1 Pc Wooden Bat Size 3, 1 Wicket Set ( 3Stand, 2 Bails, 1 Base), 1 Tennis Ball 
  • Age Group (6 to 10 Years old Kids) 
  • Best Quality Set From GRS 
  • Ideal For Practice For Kids 
  • Gifting Combo 

Ratings : 4



Price : Starting at Rs.499/-

Features : 

  • In The Box: 1 Pc Wooden Bat Size 3, 2 Wicket Set ( 4 Stand, 2 Bails, 2 Base) 
  • Age Group (6 to 8 Years old Kids) 
  • Best Quality Set From SUNLEY 
  • Ideal For Practice For Kids 

Ratings : 43


Price : Starting at Rs.560/-

Features :

  • Comfortable Rubber Grip: Dominator cricket bat is specially designed for tennis ball and wind ball. No recommendation for leather or any hard coated ball. High-quality material is used which makes you feel comfortable while batting. For beginners, adults can try to use this Cricket Bat and begin an interest in the sport of cricket. 
  • Great Light-weight: This cricket bat is of superior quality and light weighted. Dominator comes in full adult size making them perfect for usage and separate practice. Plastic bats are also environment friendly and easy to carry anywhere. 
  • Exclusive Shape: A cricket dominator has a unique shape which is easily picked up. Additionally, it allows for better control when hitting. Measurement of bat around 34” inch height, width 4.5” inch, thickness 2.2” inch. 
  • Waterproof Material & UV Digital Sticker: Heavy plastic material makes stronger and effective batting. Compact designs also feel safer while batting. Bat has trending sticker prime lines which look outshine and feel special while batting. Cutting edges & waterproof ability are also beneficial and effective usage which makes lighter practice. 
  • What you get more: T-20 Cricket balls made from synthetic materials, synthetic balls have been designed to replicate the look and feel of real ball to effectively prepare your bowlers ahead of a genuine run-up. 

Ratings : 4



Price : Starting at Rs.640/-

Features :

  •  Age Group 15+ Yrs 
  • Blade Made of Poplar Willow 
  • Advanced, Recreational, Intermediate, Training, Beginner Playing Level 
  • Advanced, Recreational, Intermediate, Training, Beginner Playing Level 
  • Sport Type: Light & Soft tennis ball Cricket 
  • Weight Range: 950-1000 g 
  • Best bat for light tennis cricket 

Ratings : 35


Price : Starting at Rs.840/-

Features : 

  • Superb maneuverability 
  • Extended Power Zone from mid to lower 
  • Special design at back, light weight, large blade bat for maximum shot control 
  • Handle size: 11 inches, blade size: 24 inches, total size: 35 inches, blade width: 4.5 inches 
  • Made from top quality Select Popular Willow 

Ratings : 3.5



Price : Starting at Rs.1199/-

Features :

  • Exclusive Shape-For optimal performance, the cricket bat boasts a unique shape which delivers superb pick-up. As such, the bat feels lighter than it is, allowing for better control when swinging and hitting 
  • Design and Size- Cricket Bat is lightweight yet durable. The bat come in a (Length- 33.45inch and Width- 4.13inch) size, making it perfect for club usage or individual practice 
  • Suitable for Playing- It is used for Tennis Ball, Wind Ball. This cricket bat is expertly crafted using selected willow to provide long-lasting performance on the pitch 
  • Comfortable rubber grip-The cricket bat is easy to grip and hold, thanks to a high-quality rubber sleeve. Offering extra comfort when holding the bat. This handle allows for longer practice sessions time and time again 

Ratings : 3.5



Price :Starting at Rs.1350/-

Features :

  • In Box contents : 1 Cricket Bat with Cover | Material: Kashmir Willow | Size : Short Handle | Needs Knocking : Yes | With Cover : Yes | Has Toe Guard : No 
  • Suitable for : Leather Ball | Weight of Bat :1200 grams | Sweet Spot : Low | Spine Profile : Low 
  • Playing Style :All-Round 
  • Made from top quality Select Kashmir Willow 
  • Cross wave tape on edges for added protection 

Ratings : 48


Price : Starting at Rs.1360/-

Features :

  • In Box contents: 1 Cricket Bat with Cover | Material: Kashmir Willow | Needs Knocking: Yes | With Cover: Yes | Has Toe Guard: No 
  • Suitable For: Leather Ball | Weight: 1000-1050gm | Sweet Spot: Medium | Spine Profile: Medium 
  • Playing Style: All-Round 
  • Handle-Singapore cane handle with special 3 way insertion of rubber in between splits for enhanced flexibility and shock absorption. 

Ratings : 3.5



Price : Starting at Rs.2500/-

Features :

  • Kashmir Willow ; Weight : 1200 – 1250 grams ; Size : Short Handle (Full Size) 
  • Singapore Cane Handle with Grip to hold the bat firmly, without slipping while playing shots. Comes with Rubber Toe Guard for defense against moisture. 
  • Designed and shaped with large edges and sweet spot for providing maximum acceleration to the ball with minimum jarring of the hands and forearms. 
  • Ideal For : Teens/Adults; Suitable For : Heavy Tennis/Leather Ball Play.; Playing Levels: Training, Cricket Nets, Club Level Match, School Level Matches. 
  • Recommended to play with Leather Balls only after Knocking. 

Ratings : 4.5


Modern bats have thicker edges than earlier times as thick edges mean deeper sweet spots, which in return increases the bat’s hitting ability. Besides extending the middle, thicker edges also improve the swing weight and enhance performance without affecting the bat’s balance. For making cricket a more social game, here we are for you to make your searching more easy.

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