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Nowadays, Badminton is cock-a-hoop across the globe. A badminton player next to a kin partner, the badminton racquet is exceptionally important badminton gear. But there’s a question that makes every badminton player distracted – “Which badminton racquet will be ideal for me??”, as it is one of the biggest swathes of badminton games to select a badminton racquet. Whether you’re buying a new badminton racquet or upgrading the long-standing racquets there are many things to consider before buying a badminton racquet.

Moreover, not only beginners cope with problems, intermediate or professionals also undergo the same. Choosing a good badminton racquet not only flatters your play style but also you reinforce the feature of your playing techniques to the level you never imagined were workable.

To make it more simple for beginners and pro players, we have come up with the best brands, their prices in ascending order, their features and the ratings given by the consumers of the same product. Here we have Badminton rackets.


Price : Starting at Rs.280/-

Features :

  • Weight: 100g 
  • Balance: 305mm 
  • Tension: 18 – 20 lbs 
  • Material: Aluminium 
  • Grip: G5 
  • Ideal for recreational activities 
  • Available: Strung 
  • Box Content: 1 Badminton Racquet 

Ratings : 3.5



Price : Starting at Rs.395/-

Features :

  •  Ideal for children below 10 years 
  • Lightweight Racquet with Excellent Grip 
  • Shaft Material: Steel 
  • Available: Strung 
  • Contains: Pack of 2 badminton racquets and 1 badminton cover 
  • Country of Origin: India 

Ratings : 3.5



Price : Starting at Rs.450/-

Features : 

  • Replaceable Strings: You can replace the strings on this racket at any sports store. 
  • Material: High grade duraluminium 
  • Weight: 89-92 g 
  • Flexibility: High-Flex 
  • High module power frame: the effective defence area is enlarged for severe smash by dynamic-optimum frame and the hitting velocity is improved considerably 

Ratings : 4



Price : Starting at Rs.499/-

Features :

  •  Grip Size : G3 (3.5 Inches)| Weight : U (95 – 99.9 grams) 
  • Color : Red | Head Shape : Isometric 
  • Strung Type : Strung 
  • Playing Level : All 
  • Material : Blend 
  • Shaft – low torsion steel shaft 
  • In-Box Contents :  1 Badminton Racquet With Head Cover 



Price : Starting at Rs.500/-

Features :

  •  It is for playing level beginner 
  • Intermediate level players 
  • Contains: Pack of 2 badminton Rackets, 1 badminton cover + 1 Feather Shuttle box (Pack of 3) Aluminium frame Material Aluminium 
  • Durable product 
  • Aluminium Badminton -Racket Set of -2 with- 3 Pieces Feather shuttles with Full- Cover 

Ratings : 45


Price : Starting at Rs.740/-

Features : 

  • Performance Pillar : Playability ; Alu-Carbon 
  • Head : Oval ; Frame weight : 95/4U/+-2 gm’s 
  • Grip Size : G5 (83mm) ; Stringing Advice : 22lbs ; Beam Width : 20.5 
  • Player Level : New Starters ; Playing Category : Beginner’s 
  • Cover : Head Cover 

Ratings : 4



Price : Starting at Rs..1200/-

Features : 

  • 24 Japanese Graphite 
  • High Tension up to 38 LBS 
  • Sport type: Badminton 
  • Included components: 1 x Badminton Racket 

Ratings : 4



Price : Starting at Rs.2250/-

Features :

  •  Strong, stiff, and lightweight shaft(Graphite + Resin+7.0 SHAFT) material offers good smashes. 
  • Strong, stiff, and lightweight frame(Graphite + Resin) material offers more power in accurate shots. 
  • High tension,String tension LBS : 28lbs , string provides more accuracy during the game. 
  • Weight & Grip : 5U(75-79.9gm) / G5 and flexible balance provide proportional grip-weight combination that helps players for more accuracy to shots. 
  • Advanced Fiber Reinforced System (FRS) can not only improve the elasticity but also offer stable controllability with a high tension string. Aero-Diamond – Combining the controllability of “diamond-shape” structure with the stability and smoothness of “sword-shape” structure, AERO-DIAMOND frame minimizes air-resistance and improves handling stability during each game. 

Ratings : 4



Price : Starting at Rs.2500/-

Features :

  •  Brand: Wilson 
  • Length: 25inches 
  • Weight: 220 grams 
  • Material: Other 
  • In-box Contents: 1 Racquet 

Ratings : 4.5



Price : Starting at Rs.2800/-

Features :

  •  Full Carbon Graphite Racquet 
  • Weight: 78 Grams 
  • Tension Up To 28 lbs 
  • Balance: Head Light 
  • Technology: Z Force 

Ratings : 410

One among the important benefits of playing badminton is that it boosts up the muscle strength making you strong and fit. The continuous movements from here to there build up your muscle mass, as well as tone them up into perfect structure. It boosts up your core muscles, calves, quads and hamstrings.Taking part in any form of regular physical activity helps to release our natural feel good happy hormones, endorphins. In turn, this can help reduce depression, anxiety and stress and improve our overall mood and sleep. Talking to other players and rallying in singles or doubles means that badminton is a social sport. For making it more social, here we are for you to make your searching easy.

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