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When we purchase something new, we ask everyone for its approval and Sometimes owning a new appliance lets you ask a lot of questions about its benefits to yourself. Are you in the same dilemma asking yourself as to why you need a deep fryer? What are the benefits of a deep fryer to you? In the practical sense of if, we are going to look at the best deep fryers used by the people happily. Remember, unlike with the standard way of frying, with deep frying, we place oil in the deep fryer’s oil container and lower the food basket into the container when the oil reaches our desired temperature. We are mostly used to having frying pans or stoves to fry our foods. For the time-constrained of us, we opt to order and wait for the crispy deep-fried food from the restaurant. However, by owning a deep fryer, it is possible to truly enjoy crispy food at home. The following are some of my arguments as to why you should own a deep fryer at home or even a restaurant for commercial use instead of ordering deep-fried foods or using the stoves and pan.

There’s much more to it than this only, however, so let’s explore a few of the deep fryers for you.To make your search more simpler, we have come up with best brands, their prices, their features and the ratings given by the consumers of the same product, here we have DEEP FAT FRYERS for you.

S.NO : 1

BRAND : Andrew James Stainless Steel 4 Liters Deep Fat Fryer – Power 2 Kw, 1 Year Warranty

PRICE/pc : Rs.4399/-


  • Material – High Quality Stainless Steel 304 Food Grade, Even The Element Is Made Up Stainless | Colour – Silver
  • Power – 2Kw (Can Run On Single Phase Home Electricity) | Voltage – 220V/50 Hz | Temperature – 0-200C | Automatic Auto cut
  • Oil Capacity – 4 Liters. Minimum 2 Liters. | Oil Tank Dimensions – 28 Cm Length * 17 Cm Breath * Cm Deep
  • Fryer Dimensions – 20 Cm Length * 44 Cm Breath * 28 Cm Height | Basket Size –23 Cm Length * 13 Cm Breath * 9 Cm Deep | Weight – 3.5Kg
  • Special Feature – Thin Design For Small Kitchens



S.NO : 2

BRAND : Kobbey Commercial 6 Litre Electric Deep Fryer Machine with 3 year Warranty

PRICE/pc : Rs.3490/-


  • Stainless steel body deep fryer machine for home and commercial applications .Thermostat for accurate temperature setting . Lid cover for preventing the boil oil splashing . Fryer basket with plastic handle to prevent scald . Residue plate for filtering out the dregs
  • Deep fryer machine for kitchen and restaurant for making french fries, chips, snacks, nuggets, chicken fry, fish, and many fried foods.
  • Always use with cooking oil, best for making french fries, nuggets, etc
  • EASY TO clean
  • Single fryer, great for cooking French Fries, onion rings, egg rolls, fried chicken, panko shrimp and any other deep fried food, fryer 2.5 kw Power.
  • Cooking Capabilities: Great For Cooking French Fries, Onion Rings, Egg Rolls, Fried Chicken, Panko Shrimp And Any Other Deep Fried Food



S.NO : 3

BRAND : THE Steel Electric Deep Fryer (Silver) 6 LTR Copper Element

PRICE/pc : Rs.4450/-


  • 2.5 kw Power
  • EASY TO clean
  • TEMP Range 0 to 200 degrees



S.NO : 4

BRAND : SKYLINE VTL-5525 Stainless Steel Deep Fryer with Timer, 2000W, 3 L, Black

PRICE/pc : Rs.3590/-


  • Stainless Steel Cover with Clean Window and Filter.
  • Stainless Steel Heating Element and Housing.
  • Fry Basket with Anti- Slip Handle for Safe Operation.
  • Adjustable Thermostat with Timer.
  • Capacity 3.0 Liter and Removable Frying Basket.



S.NO : 5

BRAND : Bhavya Enterprises Stainless Steel Double DEEP Fat Fryer

PRICE/pc : Rs.5400/-


  • 1. Power consumption -2.5 +2.5 Kws
  • 3. Auto heat protection feature



S.NO : 6

BRAND : FROTH & FLAVOR DEEP Fat Fryer 6 LTR Steel Body with Copper Element 2 Year Warranty

PRICE/pc : Rs.3975/-


  • Good quality long life durability
  • – Thin construction, made of Light duty stainless steel BODY & Mesh BASKET
  • EASY TO clean
  • EASY TO clean
  • 12 months warranty



S.NO : 7

BRAND : iBELL DF620P 12 Litre Stainless Steel 2500W Electric Deep Fryer, Double Tank/Basket, Variable Temperature Control, Silver

PRICE/pc : Rs.6600/-


  • iBELL Premium 2500W 12 Litre Electric Deep Fryer
  • This comes with Removable Frying Basket / Stainless Steel Housing / Stainless Steel Heating Element / Deep Frying Basket
  • Rated Voltage: AC220 ~ 240V | Adjustable Temperature Control – This fryer machine designed with adjustable temperature from 60 ℃ to 200 ℃. Choose different temperatures to cook different foods, and get a more perfect result. Please refer instruction manual
  • Never Switch on the Product if it is not Filled with Oil or Liquid Fat | The Fryer must be Filled with Oil or Fat Between the Two Marks (MAX & MIN) on the inside of the Bowl
  • Warranty: 1 Year Standard Warranty + 1 Year Additional on Free Registration



S.NO : 8

BRAND : Inalsa Professional 2 Fryer, 18/8 Steel, 2 Liter, Digital Timer, 1700 W, Detachable, Dishwasher Safe, European Energy Efficiency Standard, Stainless Steel,

PRICE/pc : Rs.3141/-


  • Optimum Capacity : Can fry 800 grams of potatoes or 10 croquettes in one go with 2 Litres Oil , Warranty: 2 Years
  • Fry quickly thanks to its 1700 watts of power. Input Supply:230V, AC
  • 3. 2L oil capacity fryer – Professional 2 electric deep fat fryer has large oil capacity, you can make homemade fried chips, chicken for children, also can cook much more than just chips, enough food capacity suitable for whole family, 2-4 people
  • Adjustable temperature control – This fryer machine designed with adjustable temperature from 150℃ to 190 ℃. Choose different temperatures to cook different foods, and get a more perfect result. Please refer instruction manual
  • Anti-slip feet to improve stability and prevent accidents, cable box
  • Indicator light to show that the oil has reached the optimum temperature. The cold zone allows you to fry healthier and keep the new oil for longer
  • Completely detachable parts for easy clean – There is no mess after finish cooking with the fat fryer, easy to clean it, removable oil container can pour oil easily and just disassembled all parts and immerse into water with some detergent, wipe dry after washing



S.NO : 9

BRAND : HI-TECH KITCHEN Stainless Steel Commercial DEEP Fat Fryer 6 L Steel Body

PRICE/pc : Rs.3975/-


  • Each basket size 7×9
  • PAN and mesh basket
  • Power 2.5 KW
  • For café, canteen, and more



S.NO : 10

BRAND : SOLARA Large Digital Electric Fryer for Home Kitchen with 8 Pre Set Modes for Indian Cooking | 5.5 Liter Basket | 100+ Recipe eBook and Videos | 1400-Watts

PRICE/pc : Rs.6299/-



  • Healthier fried food : Food cooked in a SOLARA Digital Air Fryer contains up to 85% less fat than traditionally fried foods without losing the delicious tastes and crispy textures. Rapid 360° air circulation cooks your food more quickly than ovens and with a minuscule amount of oil compared to deep-fried foods.
  • Sleek and modern look – 5.5 Liters with advanced touch screen menu. Take the guesswork out of cooking with the built-in touch screen menu featuring 6 cooking presets: Fries/Chips, Paneer, Chicken, Steak, Shrimp, Cake, Fish, and Pizza. Equipped with a wide temperature range from 180Fahrenheit to 400 Fahrenheit in 10 degree increments and a cooking timer up to 30 minutes.
  • Free recipe e-book – Recipes written in different languages. We made a 100 page eBook and videos focused on Indian delicacies with emphasis on local cuisines. All these recipes are tried and tested in our Kitchen. We want to show how Indian delicacies can be made oil free, healthier with our Digital Air Fryer.
  • Comes with a non-stick pan and detachable basket equipped with a cool touch handle and button guard to prevent accidental detachment. Shake and flip contents in the middle of your cooking program with the detachable frying basket
  • Dishwasher safe basket – The removable cooking basket features a safe non-stick coating that is easy to clean and maintain. Unlike most air fryers, this basket can be detached from the grab handle and is dishwasher safe making cleaning up an afterthought.


Deep fryers generally have a basket to lower the food into the oil tank and raise it when the food has finished cooking. Fryer baskets purchased separately are not standardized and when selected, need to fit into the deep fryer. There are timers and alarms, automatic devices to raise and lower the basket into and out of the oil, ventilation systems to exhaust frying odors from the kitchen, an oil filtration system or chemical treatment to improve the re-usability of the same amount of oil, and mechanical or electronic temperature controls that save energy and prevent fires by continuously sensing and adjusting the temperature of the oil.

For making cooking and other kitchen activities more social, easily purchasable, and especially a GENDER-NEUTRAL product, here we are for you to make your searching more easy.


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