Best Baby Grooming Sets

Baby Grooming set is a kit that includes everything you will need to keep your baby’s nails clipped, trimmed and filed.If you do not trim your baby’s nails, he/she can scratch his/her face with them and cause harm. Washing his/her hair and brushing gently with a soft comb is also necessary. This keeps your baby’s scalp clean and prevents the formation of crusty patches on the scalp. There are so many options in the market and choosing baby grooming sets can be overwhelming as a first-time parent to know which one you should prefer. Many moms probably believe the more items the merrier, but there are some accessories that you might never use. So the best thing to do is to buy stuff that’s actually good and you’re actually going to use.

So if you are looking to buy a baby grooming set, this under-developed table will tell you the most acknowledged brands in India of the same to make your and your baby’s life an easy, smooth and a better place to reside in. We’ve rounded up the best baby grooming kits that are affordable, but get the job done!

The below mentioned table makes it reliable, accurate and easy to look for grooming sets for babies by comparing the brands through their quality, price as well as by the ratings provided by the GROOMING KIT holders.



Price : Starting with Rs.199/-
Features :

  • Soft, Comfortable,Hygienic and Easy to use, fits in to backpacks, purses and pockets
    Paper covers are in a compact, travel pack with a wall mounting hook, and fit over a universal toilet seat
    Ideal while travelling, camping or anywhere away from home in public toilets to avoid skin infections & diseases
  • Disposable Toilet Seat Cover is best suited for offices/public toilets which are not wet and where one needs to avoid direct contact with the seat. BABY GROOMING KIT ensures zero contact with germs and is a must-have for those who commute or are prone to getting UTIs and other infections.
  • Unisex GROOMING KIT. Ideal for kids, women’s hygiene & pregnant women. Disposable Toilet Seat Covers come in a small lightweight packaging which fits easily in any purse or bag so you can take them wherever you go.


Price : Starting at Rs.206/-
Features :

  • 4 in 1 grooming set consists of scissors, clipper, tweezer and filer
  • Made with high quality BPA Free Plastic and rust free stainless steel
  • Anti-slip handles of nail clipper and scissors for precision and safety
  • rounded edges of scissors to avoid prick in delicate skin
  • Tweezer to clean baby’s under nails, ear, nose or navel


Price : Starting at Rs.370/-
Features :

  • Clean your baby’s teeth and gums and ensure no deposits are left behind
  • Stainless-steel blades, the nail clipper has smooth edges with slight sharpness to safely trim nails.
  • Soft bristles of the easy grip brush help to untangle your baby’s hair gently without pulling at it or damaging the fine hair strands.
  • Medical grade soft silicone tip of the nose cleaner is flexible and is sized to perfectly fit your baby’s nostril without causing any discomfort
  • Easy to use for kids


Price : Starting at Rs.375/-
Features :

  • Safe for babies: nail clipper/cutter is designed with baby’s safety in mind. Tips are rounded, edges are curved.
  • Fine blade for painless nail cut. Ergonomic handles to avoid slipping. Baby care kit items work without causing any discomfort
  • Baby children nail cutter and baby scissors metal parts are made of stainless steel, making the baby nail clipper and scissors non-blunt and rust-free. Handles are crafted from ABS, a plastic material known for good strength and toughness
  • Package contents -1 set include part (1 nail scissors, 1 nail clipper, 1 hair soft hair brush for babies and one hair comb)
  • Baby grooming set got all the tools in the right size perfectly made for trimming baby’s nails and hair combing
  • Baby hair brush is made from soft brushes so it will not harm the soft skin of the baby ‘s head. Another baby comb will help to set baby hair. Hair comb has soft round tips so it is also safe for soft head


Price : Starting at Rs.420/-
Features :

  • Well groomed baby while on the go: the kit is so handy, compact & ultra-lightweight to carry wherever you go.
    Because they deserve extra attention: our health care kit contains all the baby care items, they are much softer, well designed and crafted while keeping in mind the safety of your loved one.
  • Qualitative material used: it is made of high quality silicone bpa-free plastic and stainless-steel material so that you can use it without worry-free. The grooming and infant health items are comfortable to use and do not hurt your kid. Let them have fun while grooming.
  • Perfect gift for babies: every piece of baby healthcare kit having separate beneficial use. It’s a perfect gift for your friends and family having babies. We’re sure you’ll love our baby grooming & health care assortment.
  • It is just perfect for newborn babies, especially to keep them well groomed and healthy all the time and is made using high quality and safe materials.


Price : Starting at Rs.440/-
Features :

  • Specially designed combo for newborn babies
  • Every Johnson€™s BABY GROOMING KIT is 100 percent clinically proven mild and gentle
  • Johnson’s BABY GROOMING KIT is dermatologist tested, allergy tested and passes a 5 level safety assurance process
  • Contains Johnson’s best for baby BABY GROOMING KITs Johnson’s Baby soap 100g, Johnson’s Baby Powder 100g, Johnson’s Baby Oil 100ml, Johnson’s Baby No More Tears Shampoo 100ml, Johnson’s baby cream 50g, Johnson’s baby wipes 20s
  • Special cotton romper made of 100 percent certified organic fibre for your little one’s comfort
  • Johnson’s baby care collection is an exclusive baby care gift set collection, ideal for gifting a new mother or for pampering your own little one
  • Specially designed round toothed comb for your baby’s sensitive scalp
  • Specially designed Best for Baby GROOMING KITs


Price : Starting at Rs.445/-
Features : 

  • Our practical baby nail kit contains stainless steel scissors, baby nail clippers, tempered glass baby nail file, nose cleaning tweezers, all in one handy box; An excellent personal care GROOMING KIT for newborns, babies and toddlers too.
  • Our soft hairbrush is made with natural hair bristles, it can be used delicately on the baby’s scalp for brushing and massaging which stimulates the growth of hair and, at the same time, relaxes the baby, without damaging or pulling the hair; The bristles encourage distribution of natural oils to condition hair and help prevent cradle cap; It does not generate static charges while brushing.
  • Specially designed for newborns, babies and toddlers, our beautiful and soft wooden hair brush helps detangle smoothly any type of hair, even the most curly, wet or dry, while stimulating and increasing blood flow and encouraging hair growth; Also, it helps get rid of dried skin while relaxing your baby, even a fussy one.
  • The hair brush is ergonomically designed for ease of handling, it’s smooth and mellow, comfortable to grip for moms; Also, toddlers can brush their own hair thanks to an easy to hold handle.
  • Toddler Hair Brush & Manicure Set makes a thoughtful and practical baby shower gift, birthday gift and also gorgeous keepsake, that will be appreciated and used at its best by both mum and dad.


Price : Starting at Rs.499/-
Features :

  • Baby care kit, which includes 10 pcs necessary tools, is especially designed for baby grooming and healthcare.
  • Kit includes a comb, hair brush, nasal aspirator, ear pick with light, nail clipper, nail file, scissors, tweezers, silicone finger toothbrush and food feeder.
  • Suitable for any mother who needs family and the daily care of the child on the journey.
  • Baby ear pick with light, with comfortable handle, LED light and protective cover, especially designed for baby, safe and convenient for using.
  • Considerate details for baby care: round-tip scissors, ear pick with light, soft nasal aspirator and baby safety nail scissors.


Price : Starting at Rs.540/-
Features :

  • Essential 8 pieces cover your needs, including a acrylic powder puff ,nose cleaner , baby hair brush, hair comb, nail clippers, nail clipper cover, nail scissors, nail scissors cover.
  • Nail clippers and scissors with arc heads are designed for infants and children to prevent accidental injury.
  • Baby hair comb and brush help to massage the head and do baby’s hair nicely.
  • Scissor handle cover and nail clipper cover protect baby’s hands from fatigue.
    baby powder puff and nose cleaner use to baby safety and softness.
  • Perfect portable kit to keep in your baby’s nursery and bring with it during travels. It’s also a wonderful gift for new or experienced parents.
  • The kit is so Handy, Compact & Ultra-lightweight to carry wherever you go. It is just perfect for newborns, especially to keep them well Groomed and Healthy all the time and is made using high quality and safe materials.
  • Baby Grooming set in 8 pieces covers your needs, including a baby hair brush, hair comb, nose cleaner, powder puff with box nail clippers, nail clipper cover, nail scissors, nail scissors cover.
  • Nail clippers and scissors with arc heads are designed for infants and children to prevent accidental injury.
  • Baby hair comb and brush help to massage the head and do baby’s hair nicely.
  • Soft puff with handle And Nasal aspirator helps clear mucus from baby’s nose making breathing easier, Scissor handle cover and nail clipper cover protect baby’s hands from fatigue.


Price : Starting at Rs.1670/-
Features :

  • Includes 7 Natural Baby Care GROOMING KITs
  • All GROOMING KITs come beautifully packed in baby’s first suitcase. We recommend re-using it to store baby’s first memories
  • TheMomsCo. Range of Baby Skin Care GROOMING KITs are all Clinically Tested to be Hypoallergenic, Mild and Gentle for Baby’s Soft Sensitive Skin.
  • Unlike other natural rash creams that may contain hidden chemicals, our lotion for soft skin is also Australian-Certified Toxic Free, Made Safe and Australia Allergen Certified, so you never have to worry about getting only the safest solutions for your baby
  • Our toxin and mineral oil free GROOMING KITs from our range of best baby GROOMING KITs is made without Mineral Oil, Sulphates (SLS, SLES), Parabens, DEA/TEA, Phenoxyethanol, Synthetic Fragrances, PEGs and many other potentially harmful chemicals.

One of the most important reasons you should buy a baby grooming kit is because you want to make sure you’re taking care of your baby with the proper tools. Your baby has sensitive and delicate skin, so the items we use in our day-to-day lives won’t be appropriate. To make your baby feel healthy and happy, the parents should be aware and knowledgeable enough to get the best GROOMING KITs in the market. However difficult it might appear to you, you have to get your little one well-groomed from head to toe, and to do so; you need to arm yourself with the right equipment. So here we are for you, to help you in whatever you need.


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